Getting to know Holly Marbeck

What’s a Typical day like for you?

Every days different depending on what orders I'm getting and what store orders I have to get through. I make pretty much everything to order so I'll pour out a 'batch' of earrings in the morning (they take about 8 hours to set enough to be taken out of the moulds) so I can sometimes get two pours in a day. Then I'll sand and finish off the earrings that were set the previous day. If I have clay orders to make I'll then make those and send them off. Then I'll try get through some emails and admin kind of things, I'm trying to allocate more time each day to being creative whether it's designing or planning shoots etc as that's the part I love most. Finally I'll write a to do list for the next day so that I know what I need to pour and make etc! 


How did you get into making Jewellery? what was the first piece of Jewellery you made?

It kind of happened by accident, I think we had a project in our uni break where we had to make an outfit and wear it on the first day back. I made some denim tassely earrings that matched my outfit and from there I just kind of kept making earrings for myself. Friends started asking me to make them some and eventually I just started an Instagram! I had no idea that it would become an actual business though!..... Actually about 8 years ago I got my brother to make me a bracelet out of a fork which I then wore every day for 4 years so maybe that haha 


What has been a highlight so far?

Definitely Solange knowles wearing a pair of earrings for her album release party. I'm obsessed with her and she's ordered multiple pairs from both collections so it's cool to know that she's become a fan of the brand! Also Pandora Sykes recently ordering a few pairs I just looooove everything about her.


Do you have any other plans for Mars? Do you want to stay just doing jewellery?

I have some exciting and magical new things in the works which will be coming out later this year, I can't say too much right now but keep your eyes peeled!!!


What has been the biggest lesson for you so far?

My final year of uni taught me a lot, it was a pretty massive year in terms of finishing my degree but I also started Mars (The 16 hour days really made me question my rationale on that one) but I'm so happy that I did it as it just put all my uni stuff into perspective and I just don't think I would be doing this full time if I hadn't started it then! 


How would you describe your style? has it changed a lot over the last couple of years?

Modern, fresh, sparkly, quite pared back. Usually a juxtaposition of girly and cute and super boyish, theres always something jarring in every outfit, kind of representative of my indecisive personality. I would say since starting fashion school it's definitely changed. The essence of my style has always stayed the same, but I guess I've become more confident in my self and in wearing something purely because I like it not because someone else does.


Is there anyone in the Auckland industry that you really look up to?

All the girls at Georgia Alice, I worked there for two years and still pop in and see them all quite often. I learnt so much from them all and probably would have never started Mars if it weren't for their encouragement.


Whats the best piece of advise someone ever given you?

I'm definitely a major sufferer of imposter syndrome and anyone who knows me knows that I'm also the most indecisive person ever so probably - "when you doubt your power you give power to your doubts" 


What are the main ways you have changed since starting your own business?

I don't know if it's through starting mars or just because last year was quite a pivotal year for me personally, but I feel like I'm a completely different person now to before I had mars. I guess that's also just from growing up though, I'm a lot more confident now and sure of myself. I've noticed that I'm able to place less importance on trivial things and have started thinking a lot more big picture, rather than being perpetually obsessedwith insignificant details that just won't matter in the long run. I'm also twenty times worse at texting people back, and sometimes I drink coffee now, but only when it has condensed milk in it and even then it's mainly for the condensed milk not the coffee...


If your house was on fire what one piece of Jewellery would you take?

Either a necklace that my mum found at a market in Paris when she was my age it's gold and when you spin it it says I love you or a pendant my poppa gave me when I was 7 it's a star with a moon and then another star hanging off it. Both just have a lot of sentimental value.


Getting to know Cherry Kim

Getting to know Cherry Kim


1. Tell me a little bit about yourself?

Fashion graduate, online content coordinator at The Shelter, Stylist and collaborator!

2. How has your perception on fashion changed since starting fashion school to now working in it?

I first interned in year 12 when I was in high school so I realised before I started my degree that there was a lot of admin and behind-the-scenes work that went on within a fashion brand. When you’re studying fashion, you definitely have more creative freedom but you’re also spread thin across multiple roles-i.e researching, pattern-making, fabric and trim sourcing, sewing and also writing an exegesis… When you’re working in the industry, being able to specialise in one area is a positive!


3. What has been a highlight so far? 

My current job! I feel super blessed that I still get creative freedom in my first industry position- styling the ecomm and editorial imagery for all the international brands that are stocked at The Shelter is a highlight! 


4. What are you dreaming of doing in the next five years?

Travelling, styling/ creative direction for a music video, fashion show or campaign, designing jewellery!


5. What has been the biggest lesson for you so far?

I think completing my design degree has been one of the biggest challenges I’ve faced. Best and worst time of my life- it really tested me and I learnt to take things as they come and to not take fashion too seriously! Also to remember I started fashion because I enjoy it.


6. How would you describe your style? Has it changed a lot over the last couple of years?

I was known to only wear black over the last five years-only just starting to add colour to my wardrobe now. I’m always pretty casual and low-key though- love denim, anything in an oversized fit, comfortable...


7. What’s your favourite brand and why?

Currently love Ambush and Y Project - I really like how they’ve taken familiar archetypal garments and reinvented them. I love pieces that still have a sense of familiarity and reference something that has already been and gone. 


8. Is there anyone in the Auckland industry that you really look up to?

My closest friends Maiya and Zoe! I’ve known both of them since primary and they are both working in creative fields. They are the most driven, open-minded and positive people I know and I’m actually SO excited to see what they do in the near future.


And Vicki- my boss but I also consider her my mentor! She’s always opening up opportunities for me to grow within my role, she respects young emerging creatives and is generous with her advice and feedback which I really appreciate!


9. Did you know you always wanted to be a stylist?

No. I’ve wanted to be a designer since I was nine but in first year I styled my first shoot and I got really into it. I think it’s partly due to the fact I’m super impatient- I love being able to see the outcome instantaneously. Styling also allows collaborations to happen organically which I really enjoy!

Styling is what I’m currently actively pursuing but I’m always open to the possibility of stumbling across another creative role which may appeal more!


What is the best piece of advice someone has ever given you?

To not invest too much time in worrying about what other people say and think! Definitely take feedback and criticism on board but don’t let it district or deter you. Also it’s okay to be a lil selfish sometimes!